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Blue Malls
One-act, Comedy
Production History: Mae West Fest 8 (Seattle, WA)

Women fall in love at the mall all the time—with a great pair of sling-backs, the newest shade of lipstick, the perfect black dress. Who’s to say Maddie, a single woman in her twenties, can’t also find the man of her dreams at the mall? Over-confident and under-sexed she applies for a job in a men’s clothing store and gives new meaning to the phrase “shopping for your boyfriend.” Although her career in retail husbandry doesn’t go exactly as planned, Maddie manages to find a few good deals along the way:

Discount on designer men’s dress socks: $7
Pre-packed pint of frozen yogurt: $5.67 (one hour’s pay).
Finding what you’ve been looking for when you finally stop looking: Priceless.

The Chicken & the Egg
One-act, comedy/drama
* A New York Times Magazine 7th Annual Estrogenius Festival top pick! *
Production History: Mae West Fest 9 (Seattle, WA,)
7th Annual Estrogenius Festival (New York, NY)

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing occurrences a woman will experience. To not have a baby is one of the hardest decisions a woman will ever make. Along with her best friend, Mexican food and bittersweet humor, The Chicken and the Egg deals with one woman’s struggle to exercise her right to choose and prepare for the consequences that follow.