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In some very exciting news, Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress has been nominated for an Origins Award. This is quite an unexpected honor and one only enhanced looking at the other four nominees in the Publication, Non-Fiction category. How cool Astrid got a nod! Now I know what people mean when they say, “It’s an honor to be recognized.” It really is!

This came totally out of left field. So far out that when I first heard my instincts thought we were referring to Origins the skin care line. Sure, I use a lot of their products and blissfully walk around in a ginger-smelling cloud but I can’t be an award-nominated customer can I? Exactly how much product did I buy? While an Origins Skin Care award would be cool too, I have to say the “real” Origins award is much cooler.

What is an Origins Award you ask? Here’s an overview.

Of course my parents are gleefully delusional. They don’t know what this means exactly (even though I’ve sent them the website 9 times already) but they know it’s another thing to include in their weekly email blast. My mom keeps referring to it as The National Book Award.

“Well it is a national book award, isn’t it?” she asks.

Well…kind of but The National Book Award? They’re going to get sued! My dad asked if he needed a tux. He wants to go to the award ceremony. In fact, he already has a speech prepared. He emailed me the opening, which went something like, “Thank you for this award. How apropos I am here to accept as I am the real talent in the family.”

Okay, they really are going to get sued. My dad can wear his tux in court.

Regardless of what they may be telling their friends, on behalf of my misconceiving parents and I, thank you retailers for your recognition. Astrid sends a big puem puem to you.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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