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Okay, you can say that technically. I’m not really giving you anything except a link to a site that is giving you something. For FREE. That’s right, gamer friends, Big Iron Vault is open once again and giving away Issue #2 as a FREE download. But act now! It’s for a limited time! Download in the next 5 minutes and receive an attractive set of paring knives absolutely free! No, no, that’s not true. I made that up. Don’t get all huffy when your paring knives don’t show up.

You won’t be disappointed by what you do get. The magazine is chock full of interesting articles including advice on dealing with difficult players (I hope my DM doesn’t read that) and Jessica’s great interview with the lovely Tasha from Sounds like they had a lot of fun chatting.

You still here?  Why? You should be downloading your free issue! Go! Hurry! Get out of here, Punk! And stay off my lawn! Oh, wait… that darn Mrs. Gimble is channeling through me again. How does this keep happening? Download your FREE issue at here.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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