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Welcome to EstrogenFest or EstroCon or GirlaPolooza, a.k.a. Crave Party 2007. I think their tagline sums it up best—Seattle’s Premier Indulgence and Style Event.

Crave parties are pure joy. A great way to spend an evening with your buddies and depending on the timing of the show, the ideal one-stop shopping for all your Christmas needs. Oh—you might even pick something up as a gift!

Generally local designers, boutiques and spas get together to show their wares. Just imagine GenCon with booths filled with handbags or hand-beaded headbands or Marc Jacobs kitten heels instead of dice bags, paint for your minis, and trading cards. This year promises to be even bigger. In addition to the runway show and spa-ing, Crave is offering loads more including cooking demonstrations with chef Kathy Casey, networking, selling last year’s Crave purchases on eBay and oh….a little something called “A Girl’s Guide to Dungeons and Dragons.” Come on—you didn’t think I was telling you all this to make you go shopping, did you?

I’ll be doing a little ditty about why D&D is the game for you. Or something like that. I haven’t quite figured it out. What I have figured out is I’m not going alone so I’ll be there with two co-worker/friends who are also D&D players. They think they’re just going to the Crave Show. Oh won’t they be surprised when they end up on panel! It’s worth going just to see their faces.

Here’s the deal:
Crave Show Seattle
Pike Street Annex, Downtown Seattle
November 3 & 4
1:00 PM- 2:00PM on the Explore Stage
Both Saturday & Sunday

Check out Crave’s website for more information. Hope to see you there!

Shelly Mazzanoble

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