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Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress Book CoverConfessions of a Part-time Sorceress: A Girl’s Guide to Dungeons & Dragons
by Shelly Mazzanoble
ISBN: 978-0-7869-4726-3
Wizards of the Coast
Coming September 18, 2007

Advance Praise for Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress:
A Girl’s Guide to the Dungeons and Dragons Game

“Shelly Mazzanoble’s easygoing style puts the stereotypes to rest, and gives readers the basics of the Dungeons & Dragons experience. Reading the book reminded me of the joy of my first game session. Highly recommended!”
R.A. Salvatore, The New York Times best-selling author of The Legend of Drizzt

“This book is one of the best introductions for D&D I have ever read. It conveys not just the feel of the game, and why every sensible female of any species should play it, but it’s FUN! A cool, hip, and cutting-edge welcome mat for the game.” —Ed Greenwood, creator of The Forgotten Realms and acclaimed fantasy author

“Who says boys should have all the fun? Not Shelly Mazzanoble, anyway. With good humor and a swing or two of her mace, she advances fearlessly on the mostly male bastion of Dungeons & Dragons and comes through it with nary a scratch on her. For the girl gamer who’s been itching to slay ogres with the best of ’em, this is the book for you.”
Peter Archer, author of The Great White Wyrm

“Fresh, funny, and smart. I was expecting [the book] to be informative, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so very entertaining. The next time I meet a woman that I think might be interested in playing D&D, I’m going to give her a copy of this book before I do anything else. It really covers all the bases and introduces the game with a perspective that is fun and unique, but still completely accurate and helpful.”
Monte Cook, game designer

“I had some gamer friends over the other day flipping through the [book], and they were all laughing their heads off. My husband and I have also enjoyed reading bits of it out loud to each other. . . . .”
Spring Lea Henry, library consultant and former editor of YAttitudes, ALA’s journal for YA librarians

“Shelly Mazzanoble gives D&D the make-over it deserves—watch out Tyra!”
J. Marin Younker, Librarian, Seattle Public Library

Book Description

Most Dungeons & Dragons game players are men, yet storytelling and roleplaying come so naturally to women. So where are all the female gamers? The answer is – everywhere!

With tongue-in-cheek humor and plenty of self-mockery, Shelly Mazzanoble chronicles her unexpected descent into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Shelly’s a girly-girl through and through, but when a friend asks her to join his D&D game as an 134-year-old sorceress named Astrid Bellagio, she politely agrees, never expecting to actually like it. In spite of all the stereotypes—or maybe because of them—she actually finds herself getting game.

Part confessional, part how-to guide, this book delves into the basics of the most popular roleplaying game, explaining how to create a character, outlining how to play—even suggesting D&D-themed snacks (Magic Missile Meatballs, anyone?)—all the while taking a light-hearted look at the myths and realities of gamer stereotypes.

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