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Now, now, cupcake lovers. Don’t get your cake skirts in a knot. There still is a contest… Just not in the manner we were going at.

First, B is very disappointed I called him my “sidekick.” He thinks “associate” or “partner in crime” is much better suited. Oh, fine. He’s my trusty Partner in Crime. Happy now?

So B and I have been tasting and talking about cupcakes from one end of Seattle to the other. We’ve had chocolate with peppermint, vanilla with buttercream, pineapple upside down cake and coconut banana. Oh yes, people, these are not Betty Crocker’s cupcakes. Gone are the days where the only chance a cupcake had at flair was what kind of paper cup you put it in.

Anyhoo, sometime after lunch yesterday B comes by and hands over a box containing 2 of most beautiful cakes of splendor I’ve ever seen.

“What the hell?” I asked. I mean come on. I can’t have those hanging around my desk. I’ve got yogurt and kashi cereal to consume! I can’t do that in front of the cupcakes!

“There’s a new cupcake place that just opened in Renton!” he declared. “These are for your dinner tonight.”

Dinner tonight was with a buddy of mine. And boy oh boy, if we didn’t love cupcakes!

“Okay, fine, they can stay.”

Inside the box was a chocolate on chocolate (can’t go wrong) and get this… Boston cream. Holy sugar rush. Who would do such a thing to a cupcake? I don’t know, but I love them. I immediately texted my buddy to let her know cupcakes were on the docket for tonight’s dinner. I did this for the sole purpose of not rushing off to an empty bathroom stall and shoving those 2 cakes of goodness down my gullet. I know… Horrible visual but come on! Like you haven’t done that? Not ever?

The cupcakes survived. Barely. I guess shoving them in the same bag with my empty lunch Tupperware and dirty gym clothes wasn’t the best idea. They got a little banged up on the way home but fortunately my buddy and I aren’t above licking Boston cream off of cardboard. That’s what good friends do, right? And they were good. Like really good. Nice job, Common Ground. And many thanks, B.

It was then that I realized this cupcake challenge is not fair. Not all cupcakes are created equal. You can’t compare a Boston cream cupcake to a vegan carrot cake one. And no way is coconut on chocolate in the same league as pineapple upside down cake. Therefore B and I have decided to let us eat cake. Lots of cake. As much cake as we can stand to run around Greenlake to burn off for. But we will only be judging one kind of cupcake from each venue: Red Velvet. That’s right, friends. We will make it our mission to seek out the best Red Velvet cupcake in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe even beyond because we are that dedicated.

On a somewhat unrelated note, what’s up with cupcake shops running out of cupcakes? That’s all you do! How can you not have anymore cupcakes? Sadly B and I have encountered this twice. Shame on you, Cupcake Royal in Ballard and Kate’s Cupcakes in Bellingham.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have some cream cheese frosting to attend to.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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