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Good new for all your readers out there! (And I know for a fact there are more than 3 of you–thanks for writing to let me know!) I stumbled across the diary of my 10-year old self. Aw, poor Shelly. She was such a mess. Was being 10 really that hard?

“I love my friends!” “I hate my friends!” “No one likes me!” “Ew,help! A boy likes me!”

My little green diary inspired my latest column for Dragon called Dungeon Diaries, which you are kindly welcome to read here. I couldn’t fit all my tween angst in one column but boy did I try. Pesky editors. They were never 10 year-old girls so not realizing the significance of some of my trials and tribulations, they forced me to cut some entries. But lucky you! They don’t edit this site (or unlucky you depending on how you look at it. I wish I did have an editor for this site.) I can transcribe some of the “lost entries” here. It will probably be therapeutic for me.

Here’s what I know about the 10 year-old Shelly:
Such a mama’s girl. “Mommy said do this, Mom said do that. I love my mom. I bought my mom a flower.”
I had the worst friends ever.
I still hate those girls.

And that about sums it up. Who knows what other delightful treasures I might unearth in there. In the meantime, I ask that all of you with a 10 year-old in your life, please be nice. Give them a hug. Or buy them ice cream. Or better yet, get them playing D&D so they can find some real friends.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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