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Exciting times! We are in week 4 of a kitchen remodel!

Before we moved to the Little Garage on the Prairie.
Before we moved to the Little Garage on the Prairie.

I’ve been pinning kitchens and countertops and drawer pulls and rustic industrial shelving to my NEW KITCHEN board on Pinterest ever since we bought our house three years ago. And now… it’s happening.

Uh, yeah, it's happened.
Uh, yeah, I’d say it’s happening.

Every night when we come home, Quinn asks, “What happened to my house?”

“Old kitchen had an owie!” I tell him. “We’re making it all better.”

Then we go downstairs to our bunker, heat up a can of beans, and wait for it to be all over. It’s a dream come true really.

Besides having to stand on the cold cement floor of the garage (I keep forgetting I have slippers) for the morning coffee to finish brewing, it hasn’t been that bad. I have my Pinterest boards to keep me going.

If you pin it, it will come.
If you pin it, it will come.

But meals have understandably suffered. Even take-out doesn’t taste as good when you’re eating it off a wilty paper plate.

Tonight…tonight was different.

Tonight Bart made a feast:

Nobu it is not. But it's also not a can of cheese sauce like last night's dinner.
Nobu it is not. But it’s also not a can of cheese sauce like last night’s dinner.

Behold my heart. If I wasn’t already married to him I would marry him. You’re looking at a bag of frozen Trader Joe’s fried rice and some soy ground beef. I added the side of blue corn chips (which, yes, I sometimes use as my utensil when we run out of the plasticware.)

When I was visiting my family a couple weeks ago, Judy and I watched an episode of Naked and Afraid. It was like day three in whatever shithole they were sent to and the pair were getting all bleary-eyed delusional because they hadn’t had anything to eat except a few grains of sand and campfire smoke. Then they unearthed a grub and you would have thought they found George Washington’s dentures the way they rejoiced over this discovery. Oh, the super delish meal they’re going to feast on tonight.

I'm totally going to Instagram the shit out of this meal.
I’m totally going to Instagram the shit out of this meal.

It’s all about perspective, right? And a hot plate helps too.

I totally forgot my point. Kitchen remodel? Eating crappy food in my cold garage? Grubs?

Oh! Right. National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is a thing now. Did you know that? So yeah, I am committing to writing a blog post every day for the whole month. Totally doable, right? I mean, by “writing a post every day” they can’t possibly mean like every day, right? Even weekends? Oh, they do? Well, okay then. I guess you’re going to get a few posts like this one then. Pointless. Rambling. Sexy images of women eating grubs. Basically the same thing you get every time you visit this site.

If you’re also participating in NaBloPoMo, let me know so I can visit your blog while I’m procrastinating over here.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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