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I don’t know Summer Munger but after reading this review of Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress you’d think she was… well, me. Or at least a close relative. And she thinks “geek is the new chic” so she clearly knows what she’s talking about. Read her review here. Thanks, Summer!

Shelly Mazzanoble

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  1. Nice review. Count me among the men that read your book and loved it. And I didn’t even “sneak a few peaks” when I thought no one was looking. A friend of mine had just read it and recommended it. I had just had a daughter (after 3 boys, the youngest of which was already 8), saw your book and thought, “ooooooo, it’s pink!!!!!!” And I couldn’t help myself. If anyone saw me reading it I told them I had just had a baby girl as if that explained everything.

    I’m kind of surprised Confessions is still getting reviews. My daughter turns 2 this week, so it’s gotta’ be at least that many years since it was published.

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