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Confessions got a little lovin’ from The Official Time-Wasters Guide.

Apparently if you’re related to me, you won’t think it’s a good review but, I’m pretty sure the rest of you will. I did. I wouldn’t post a link to it if I didn’t, right? Okay, so she thinks I can be kind of annoying sometimes but so what? Aren’t we all? Just a little? Sometimes?

Actually this review is so well written and thoughtful I’m kind of glad the D&D team didn’t know about MsFish until after I signed my contract.

Read The Official Time-Waster’s Guide review of Confessions here.

Friend and co-worker Mat Smith’s monthly D&D preview features a nice little write-up on Confessions as well. Because Mat is a fellow Wizard and he’s writing for the Wizards website, he probably can’t say mean things about the book. Or me. At least not on the company’s website. When we’re in the kicthen or parking lot, or at the company picnic all bets are off. But he didn’t have to say anything, right? I mean, it’s not like I stood in his cubicle everyday for 5 months asking him if he was going to write an article about my book. Are you? Are you? Well? Are you? You liked it, right? Right? (What was that about me being annoying?)

I’m going to say his positive write-up is unbiased because he really liked the book and not because we sometimes partner in kickboxing and I can be a little…shall we say…misdirected with my kicks on occassion.

Read his unbiased preview here.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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