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We’ll see, 2023.
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I don’t do resolutions, but I do love a list. I make a list out of everything. Groceries, chores, people I secretly hate, things to add to a charcuterie board, lists I want to make one day.

With the ushering in of a new year, it’s lists-for-days, including those offering predictions on what’s going to be hot in the new year and what’s going to be “not.” Rhyming is definitely hot. Always. I love a good “In/Out” list.

So I decided to combine my two loves and offer my own what’s in, what’s out list. Turns out you need 0 credibility or expertise for this (as evidenced by Gen Z declaring the death of skinny jeans. Over my rapwidily-speading-middle-age-hips, girls!)

2023: What’s In and Out

OUT: Low-rise jeans (Do not try bringing butt-cracks back, ladies. Hear me?)

IN: Skinny Jeans (now and forever)

OUT: Psychic celebrity predictions

IN: Middle-aged women making lists and wearing skinny jeans

OUT: Ignoring the emails from the PTA

IN: Starting a D&D club at your kid’s school

OUT: Going to bed “early” and swiping up for the next three and a half hours on your phone

IN: Actually trying out household hacks you learned on TikTok

OUT: Charcuterie boards

IN: Grazing tables

Yes, I did and yes it was fabulous.
I mean, can you even?

OUT: Lurking in the comments on Nextdoor posts

IN: Bird-watching

OUT: Trying not to embarrass your kid

IN: Calling your son’s friends “Bruh” and asking why they’re acting all sus and shit

OUT: Bro-fit

IN: Pilates

OUT: Paying $2 a can for sparkling water

IN: Dressing up your water by putting a lemon in it

OUT: That drawer were you keep all the “good” stuff

IN: Burning the “good” candle and not because you roasted broccoli and your house smells like sewer gas.

OUT: Posting your Wordle score

IN: Talking about your “to be read” pile

OUT: Blind items

IN: Books about podcasts about games

OUT: Doom-scrolling political conspiracies

IN: Joy-scrolling cute animal videos

OUT Fostering grudges

IN: Fostering animals

Sweet foster, Mozza who was thisclose to becoming a foster fail. Thankfully our neighbors adopted her.

OUT: Reality TV stars starting podcasts

IN: Regular moms starting podcasts

OUT: Asking your neighborhood mom Facebook group to diagnose an illness

IN: Virtual doctor visits
Me, coming into the new year.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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