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This past Christmas my mom asked for one of those talking piggy banks. Weird, right? I thought so. But it doesn’t actually talk to you like, “Hubba, hubba! You’re one fine swine!” If it did, I would have gotten one too. It wasn’t even shaped like a pig. Rather it was barrel shaped and counted the coinage you dropped inside. And I’m spending way too much time talking about it.

The point is my dad and I went to 3 different places looking for the stupid thing. Apparently it was on a lot of people’s Christmas lists. Finally, dejected and riddled with anxiety at the thought of coming up empty-handed another year in a row (the year before it was all about the Mighty Putty and the year before that it was the Cone vacuum) my dad and I almost burst out crying at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

“Please don’t send us away empty-handed!” my dad pleaded.

“Kind sir!” I begged. “You have no idea! She’ll say she doesn’t care, that she didn’t want it that badly. That she’s happy with the perfume and Tumi luggage and Tiffany’s earrings but in reality she’s going to bed disappointed. Another Christmas ruined!”

The salesman took pity on us. Instead of offering a rain check as they are programmed to do, he pulled us close and whispered, “Try Rite Aid. I hear they have them. And for about $5 cheaper.”

With tears of joy beading in our eyes, Dad and I thanked the man, pumping his bare hand in our gloved hands. We promised we’d never forget him, wished him much joy, and broke many traffic laws making our way to Rite Aid before closing time. Sure enough, the stupid talking, barrel shaped, piggy bank was sitting on the shelf with about 11 of his brothers and sisters. It was $6.99. Mom was thrilled.

So what did all this have to do with anything? Well, imagine you’re looking for some fresh, updated content and you stumble onto this site. You might be disappointed depending on when you last visited. I’m trying! I really am. But you deserve more than trying. So consider me the nice salesman at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Psst… want some fresh, new content? Check out Not just new content, but a new magazine dedicated to the theory that gaming is more than a hobby—it’s a lifestyle

They’ve got some big, worthy goals and promise to be a fun and relevant resource not just for gamers, but also for the people who love them. Be sure to check out Jessica’s musings on what it’s like being a girl surrounded by gamers. I used to know what that was like. Now I find myself in the middle of conversations debating the merits of beholders vs. mind flayers.

So have fun at BigIronVault. But don’t forget to come back, okay? If for no other reason than to discover some other website you should visit.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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