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Visited the grandparents last week and my son hit the trifecta of awesomeness in one day:

  • The park
  • Toys R’ Us
  • McDonald’s

That’s pretty awesome for a two-year old.

I have learned to sit back and shut up when it comes to my parents spoiling my child. He eats like shit. He watches way too much (even for us) screen time. He receives at least six presents a day, every day. They don’t see him enough to make a big deal out of the fact the hasn’t had a vegetable ever in their presence. Truthfully, I want him to have these awesome memories with his grandparents. When he’s with them he should do nothing but lay in bed with Grandma watching Daniel Tiger or supping on Costco sized containers of Cheese Puffs with Grandpa. I’m kind of jealous, really.

Not kidding about the economy-sized cheese puffs. Not kidding at all.
Not kidding about the economy-sized cheese puffs. Not kidding at all.

Naturally my parents wanted to take him to Toys R’ Us. I tried to warn them that doing so would result in at least one new friend of Thomas coming home with us. My kid has a serious Thomas habit. It’s bad, man. Real bad.

“Well duh,” my mom answered.

Umm hmm. I see how it is.

When we arrived he beelined for the Thomas section and this happened.

He's just that into you, Percy.
He’s just that into you, Percy.

And then my parents got all misty eyed. And then Toys R’ Us met its sales goal for the next decade. And then I came home with a second enourmous suitcase.

Grandparents are aces.


Shelly Mazzanoble

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