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The wedding is over! It happened and it was wonderful. Wouldn’t change one thing. All of the relatives made it and a good great time was had by all. If you’re on Facebook, check out our amazingly talented photographer’s page, Scott McNamara Photography to see some preview pictures. (Including one of the most fantastic cake ever.)  If those are all we ever get, then I would be very, very happy. They’re that good. But I also know he took about 2,945 more I’m pretty sure we’ll at least get an album full.

Now we can move on to more important things like shameless self-promotion. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Ewalt for Yes– The I know, right? Anyway, you can read that right here. So glad my mom has something new to talk about. That ought to keep the grandchildren at bay for a while.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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