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Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. It’s probably not a big surprise but at Wizards of the Coast, October 31st is a big deal. A Very. Big. Deal. 95% of all Wizards dress up and most of us decorate our departments with a theme. Last year my department’s theme was “butt rock forever.” Sad that so many of the accoutrements needed for our costumes were easily found at Target. What’s that saying about if you wore it once, you’re too old to wear it again? Well who’d want to? Jelly shoes and neon slouch sweatshirts? Yikes! This year our theme was Gamma World–the roleplaying game from TSR published in the 70’s. Gamma World’s setting is post-war decimated civilization. What’s left is chaos. It’s mutations like multiple limbs and sentient plants. It’s anything goes. I really, really want to play this game!

I was a mutated raccoon but as the day progressed I was more raccoon than mutated. I kind of got used to having a tail until I slammed it in the car door on my way home. We didn’t win the contest but we got an honorable mention. The creative services team won like they do every year. They’re creative! Of course they’re going to win. Their theme was the Acme Misfit Toy Warehouse—home of the Easy Bake Fake Tan Oven and Winnie the Pooper. Yeah, they deserved to win. We already have next year’s theme picked out and it’s a doozey so watch out Creatives! We’re coming for you.

Now for the real news. The lovely (I’m sure although I’ve never met her) Lucy Newman interviewed me for Read it here.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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