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If you have to ask what GenCon is, you’re probably not going and probably won’t care much about what’s going on there. For those you don’t know, GenCon is a four day whilry-do of gaming madness. It’s the biggest gaming event of the year and it’s right around the corner! I need to get packing.

I’ll be going to GenCon this year along with my fellow Wizards. But this year I won’t be demoing games or standing up in inappropriate shoes for long hours, smiling and Vanna Whiting the company’s offerings. Nope. This year I won’t even have to share a hotel room. Why, you ask? Because this year I’m going as an “author.

When I first saw my name under the “Author” slot I thought it said I was sharing a room with someone named Arthur. I didn’t think HR would go for that, especially considering Arthur and I don’t even know each other. Then a co-worker mentioned in passing something along the lines of “oh you get to go to GenCon for your book. Cool!” Sure, I thought. I can talk about my book while I’m there. No wait. That’s ALL I’m going to do. And then I got nervous.

When I get nervous I do any combination of these three things: Chew a lot of gum, eat a lot of pudding, or head off to a discount department store and buy a lot of kitchen gadgets. Yes, kitchen gadgets. They’re soothing to me. To each their own, ok? As I’m writing this, I have TMJ from my 3 pack a day habit, my keyboard is covered in a sugar-free-fat-free caramel pudding-like film, and I’m drinking a brand new mug full of fresh roasted coffee whose beans my new coffee pot ground itself.

It’s all very exciting and I’m not talking about cheese graters and peppermills (although those too are rather electrifying.) Lots going on at GenCon as always but perhaps you might feel inclined to stop by one or two of these fine events:

Book Signings!
Saturday, August 18th
10:30AM- 11:00AM
@ The Wizards of the Coast booth #2533

Seeing as though Confessions doesn’t officially release until September 18th, you may be wondering what I’ll actually be signing. Anyone else just have a vision of Motley Crue circa 1986? Fortunately no one needs to whip out a butt cheek as our savvy production team and generous brand team have arranged for a limited quantity of Confessions to be on hand. “Limited” as in, whatever doesn’t fit into my suitcase. If you like that “new book smell” you’ll love this book as it’s pretty much coming right off the press into a box and delivered to GenCon’s front door. That’s the plan anyway. Wizards also has cool give-aways for Confessions. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas. Please stop by if you get a chance. Seriously. Please?

Female Gamers and D&D seminar
Friday, August 17th
Join yours truly and a bevy of lovely women from Wizards for an interactive discussion on female gamers, games and D&D.

Spin a Yarn with Ed Greenwood
Saturday, August 18th
What have I gotten myself into? Oh boy—I’m Ed’s official sidekick. His “straight-woman” if you will. This event is always a good time from what I hear. I’ll bring extra gum. And pudding. And a crock-pot.

Saturday, August 18th
2:00PM- 4:00PM
If you like acronyms and Dungeons and Dragons, this is the event for you! Get all your burning D&D questions answered here. I personally have nothing to do with this event but I’ll be in the audience. Sit by you?

If you want more information on any of these events, go here:

And yes, we all know I think my book is pretty special, but there’s something extra special about Confessions. You’ll have to take my word for it because I can’t say anything just yet, but I think you’ll be tickled too.

Safe travels! Hope to see you there.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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