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Everyone does something they’re probably ashamed of. Some of us—I mean—them do plenty of things. But would you believe for some people playing D&D is one of them? I know! Crazy!

I happen to know one such person who inspired my latest Dragon column. He goes to great lengths to hide his D&D secret and by D&D I mean deep and dark. Poor guy. This is a shame on many levels. For one, he’s a great guy. Smart, educated, ambitious, outgoing, altruistic. In fact, he’s just like so many other D&D players who may be hiding their dice and character sheets in a gutted VHS tape.

I admit live in a bubble. My mom’s been saying that for decades. And my bubble happens to includes a job at an office where a 13-foot dragon named Mitzi hangs in the lobby. If I had a dollar for every game-related article of clothing I saw walking around the halls I wouldn’t need to have a job. Obviously, I don’t have to hide my D&D secret. At least not that deep, dark secret. If anyone knew what I was watching on TV right now…yikes! Even I’m making fun of me.

But because I’m empathetic, curious, and most importantly was on a deadline, I decided to conduct an experiment to see what life is like for D&D players outside the bubble. Is playing D&D really something to be ashamed of? Read here and find out.

May you all be liberated from your Game Shame. And may my DVR be liberated from TV shows hosted by former supermodels. In the meantime, I need to go. It’s time for the judges to deliberate.


Shelly Mazzanoble

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