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Hey look! Soon there will be two books you can steal from your local bookseller!

Isn’t it pretty? It’s birthday is September 6th. I can’t wait to meet it.

It’s weird to think you can pre-order it and I haven’t even finished writing it yet. And on that note… I’ve got some work to do. Bye!

Shelly Mazzanoble

8 Replies to “Steal This Book Too!”

  1. Dear Shelly,

    I am so excited for your new book! I can’t wait to ste…I mean purchase your new novel. I read Confessions several times and loved it each time. I have to tell you that the D&D player in me loved reading stories about Astrid almost as much as reading the hilarious way in which you describe gameplay. If only there were a Confessions for 4th edition… I have often wondered if you have ever considered remaking Astrid into a fourth edition character. My BFF D&D buddy and I have remade several character we played in 3rd edition. I actually am playing one character right now approaching the epic tier that I have taken with me from 13 years old, 2nd edition D&D. Is the world ready for a 4th edition Astrid?

  2. Congratulations on your new book! I look forward to getting a copy as well–through legal means of course. 🙂

    @TeacherSainted: I’ve updated my characters when new editions come out too. Like, you I have characters dating back to my teen years.


  3. Dear Shelly,

    Oh mah’ gooness! You gittin’ married girl? Yeah! Congratulations!!! I wish you every happiness, and considering our lengthy chat about marriage, I am confident you will work to make yours happy. All my good thoughts, prayers, best wishes, and hopes go towards you and your man; you are both lucky.

    Ted: Are you Teddy, DM I? Wow, do you I address you with some formal title or something? Your Sir Former DM-ness? Those characters from my teens are the best ones. Like Dianne Salvatore says in the forward to Shelly’s book, there’s nothing players love better than sharing game stories. I bet you have some doozies. Rock on, my brother!

  4. TeacherSainted: No I’m afraid I’m not Teddy/DM I. No need for formalities either, “Ted” is fine. Up until recently, I haven’t played much, due to work and other time constraints.

    As for doozie stories, if Shelly will forgive my shameless self promotion, you can check out my Star Wars “Redshift Chronicles” RPG campaign at

    Take care.



  5. I just placed my pre-order so, no pressure or anything, but you better get a-writin’ !!!!

    And it better be all insightful n’ stuff (and funny too!) cause if it’s not, I know where to find you. At GenCon every August, of course. But really, since there are 20,000 people there every year it’s quite difficult to find you….but you get the point.

  6. No pressure because I already turned it in! Yippeeeeeee! And I shouldn’t tell you this but I’m really easy to find at Gen Con. I’m usually Ed Greenwood and Bob Salvatore’s handler so wherever they are– you’ll find me. Come say hello. I’d love to meet you!

  7. Having seen Ed in action at a few GenCons, I can imagine that being his handler is truly entertaining. Good luck with the new book and have fun at GenCon. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss this year.

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