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So about those regular updates… Thanks for the nudge, Jim.

As I told Jim and I’m about to tell you I have a very good excuse as to why I’m not updating more often. What, you ask? Big Brother started for one. And it’s on 3 days a week! I don’t have time to heat up a can of beans for my daily dinner let alone update this thing! And Project Runway starts tomorrow. And Top Chef is well underway. And there’s always a glimpse of a “Real” Housewife available. I’m sure you’re willing to cut me some slack, right?

Sooooooo… I have a little something for those of you who refuse to visit the D&D website to visit the fruits of my monthly labor. (That sounds weird. Is that weird? Why is that weird? I’m talking about my monthly column.) I wrote a real, live D&D encounter and then ran it for the Wyld Stallyns! Those bastards didn’t bring me cake. Not even a card! AND it was Dungeon Masters Appreciation Month! Whatever.

You can read all about it in Canine Encounters, Part 1 and Canine Encounters, Part 2.

Now will someone please bring me some cake!

Shelly Mazzanoble

2 Replies to “Woof”

  1. Last year for DM Appreciation Month I received a copy of a new D&D book. This year, nothing! Hmmm, not sure how to take that.

    I imagine THIS is what took place:

    Shelly: “Hey! You guys are in the group that plays D&D with that Jim guy who is constantly bugging me about not posting on my blog, right?”

    My Group: “Yeah, that sounds like him. Wasting time on the internet rather than devising cool new magic items to give us. Loser”

    Shelly: “Well, you know what you have to do this year, don’t you?!”

    Yup, I bet that’s it…

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