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Short post today but because I’m committed to this NaBloPoMo deal thing I’m at least doing something.

I’m heading off on an adventure with one of the best people in the world– my bestie Kristina. Our birthdays are three days apart so as a treat to us, I cashed in a free night Bart and I earned on and brought Kristina to the beautiful Fairmont Olympia hotel for a night away. We drank in the bar, ordered room service, swam for hours in the pool. We thought we were going to get all crazy and stay up way too late and cause a big old ruckus in downtown Seattle. We were in bed by 10. But it was amazing.

This year she’s taking me to the Clearwater Casino. Neither of us gamble but we do love a fat buffet. And an indoor swimming pool. So that’s where I’m going today. On a ferry, with my cartons of wine and mini piñata stuffed with Godiva chocolates and scratch off lottery tickets. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.


Shelly Mazzanoble

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