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Correction: Astrid is turning Japanese or rather turned. It was only a few weeks ago that I got word our Japanese licensing partners, Hobby Japan, were interested in translating Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress. Oh joy! I mean, seriously, how cool is that? Pretty darn cool if I do say so myself.

The translators had a few questions on some of the references like PETA, ADD & SATs and “wubba wubba” as mentioned in Diane Salvatore’s introduction. If you’re curious, watch this video. It’s hysterical.

Today—as in just a few weeks later—I see a cute little 4 ½” x 6”, colorful book with an adorable anime-styled girl on the cover. Odd, I thought, as this book is clearly in Japanese. What can I do with it? I assumed one of the editors left it for me as an example of a new trim size they wanted to consider. Then I noticed the unusual shaped dice and baby dragon flying by the girl’s elbow, and wait a minute—is that the Dungeons and Dragons logo? Holy cow! This is my book! I carried that book with me everywhere. I brought it to meetings, showed it to the bank teller, took it to dinner. It’s just so darn portable.

They cranked it out pretty fast and did a spectacular job with it. Then again, what do I know? I can’t read a word of it! Oh well. Still cool. Enjoy! Or Enjoi (as our new Japanese friends would say.)

Inside Pages:
Inside Pages

The Cover:

The Cover

Shelly Mazzanoble

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