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So I’m going to do it too. I will give out one million dollars to whoever can change a complete stranger’s life in the most creative, generous way. Just kidding. Not that I wouldn’t do that if I had a million dollars. Or maybe two million dollars so I could have a little left over. I’m talking about Oprah’s Favorite Things. You know that show she has twice a year where unsuspecting audience members are duped into thinking they’re about to watch a show on how Faith Hill changed one woman’s life and really they’re about to become the lucky recipient of thousands of dollars worth of Oprah’s must-haves? The show that turns my mother and I into raving green monsters. The show that takes Aunt Alice’s Butternut Hand Salve from that little gift shop in the Poconos into backorder perpetuity. Oprah gives everyone in her audience one of everything on her list. I can’t do that (sorry) but let’s be honest, who really cares what I’m smitten with? I just really like lists. Welcome to the first installment of Shelly’s Favorite Things.

Today’s Random Product Endorsement:
The Shark Cordless Sweeper

Yeah. It’s a vacuum. Exciting huh? Well let me know tell you—it is. My very techy and hard to please friend recommended it to me, singing this thing’s praise. (Maybe it was a hint?) No matter. When he recommends something with a battery, I listen. Especially when I’m cat sitting for his fur-peeling kitty.

Good thing I’m only endorsing one product today because I’m exhausted. Why? Because I just spent the last hour and a half vacuuming my wood floors. They didn’t need an hour and a half. 45 minutes sure, but I kept going because it’s so darn fun. That’s right, People! It was fun! And that little sucker works! Kitty litter, fur, tufts of carpet from the area rugs she uses to sharpen her talons. It’s lightweight and folds down to practically purse size. And like the name suggests, it operates on a chargeable battery so no stalkerish cords to trip you up.

It works on wood floors as well as carpet. It even has a “turbo” setting which apparently works on both. If you have pets or dirty friends, The Shark Cordless Sweeper will be your new BFF.

Shelly Mazzanoble

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