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So apparently I have been remiss in showing off our awesome dragon wedding cake. How do I know this? Because several of you have told me. And that’s why I love you. No slacking off for me. No way. Not when you all have email accounts and are not afraid to use them.

I was also remiss in assuming you all have Facebook accounts and that we’re all Facebook friends. Again, no way. And that’s why many of you missed the big cake shout out a month ago when I posted pics and a link to our photographer’s Facebook page. I’m sorry! My bad. I will never make those baseless assumptions about you again.

So for those of you without Facebook pages who wanted to see the cake, ta da!

I know, right? Super awesome. And it tasted amazing. Let’s be honest– a cake that looks that good? It can taste like chalk and cat food. But this one was delicious! The flavors were red velvet with cream cheese filling and marble with salted caramel. Holy moly, that was good. I need to stop talking about it because I’m seriously missing this cake right now.

If you want your own dragon cake, call on Mike at Mike’s Amazing Cakes. And if you want to see a smattering of other wedding photos, check out Scott McNamara Photography on Facebook. You do not need a Facebook account to do so. Okay? Okay.

Shelly Mazzanoble

5 Replies to “The Cake- Command Performance”

  1. Dear Shelly,

    I just read your latest column and roared with laughter three times, bringing my wife into the room. I think Bart and I are cut from the same cloth. When I saw Paranormal Activity, I didn’t sleep that night and I kept waking up the wife because I was…nervous. My brother and I play a very similar game to your bar character generator. Whenever we’re hiking, camping, driving through mountains or experiencing any kind of nature, its only a matter of time before someone comments on the fact that the location is prime territory for an orc attack.

    I would also like to mention that describing the cake is cruel unusual punishment and also reminiscent of the steel magnolia cake. Blood red filler on a dragon cake, really?

    Julia Roberts: “People were hackin into this poor animal and it looked like it was bleedin to death!”

  2. I think Bart would be honored to be cut from the same cloth as you! And you have no idea how often the Steel Magnolias cake came up in conversation during the wedding! To be fair, we didn’t eat the dragon, just the cake. And we’re still not even sure what the dragon was made out of.

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