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Or at least three things D&D.

First, my latest Dragon column is up for your viewing pleasure. If you’re too lazy to log into the site to read it (and lets be honest, I am too) feel free to read Secret Lives of Dungeon Masters right here.

Second, I was sent a link to this very funny video that gives a humorous (and hopefully embellished) look into the lives of some fellow D&D players. It’s a new series called Dice Jockies and because it’s filmed in New Orleans it’s your patriotic duty to support these guys. Hopefully we’ll see more of them. Watch it here.

And third, ever wonder how D&D players find each other? I do because lets face it, not everyone works for the game’s publisher. There are many ways of course but here is a novel and seemingly easy way to find other players in your are. Check out Please don’t hold me responsible if you encounter anyone who ends up disappointed when they realize your quest for a Dungeon Master involves oddly shaped dice and a pencil as opposed to…well…you know.


Shelly Mazzanoble

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