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You guys, The Bachelor started tonight! It’s been on for 55 minutes and I’m all meh, whatever on this season. No, I did not make a New Years resolution to stop watching garbage and get some GD culture. Nope, I didn’t have to sell all three of our TVs to buy my son 8,385 Star Wars toys and what was apparently the ONLY Sasha Banks action figure IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. (It had to be otherwise I cannot justify the price. It had to be, okay?) No, someone did not dare me to not watch MY MOST FAVORITE TV SHOW IN THE WORLD! I’m just not, okay?

But let’s be honest. I’m going to watch it. Eventually. The Earth will not spin off its axis. Just chill.

But I’m not committing to blogging about this season. I know! SAD! I know you (Jenn) looked forward to my recaps 5-7 days after the episode aired. Want to write a letter of complaint? Address it to this guy:

Me? WhadidIdo? I was like totally cool and relevant like 5 years ago! Wasn’t I?

He’s kind of gross, right? Like makes you feel like you need to pull your collar up a little closer to your neck an maybe Purell your eyeballs.

Sorry, Ari, I’m just not that into you.

It’s not me, it’s you.

It’s your hair.

And that weirdo half-smile like you didn’t know it was time to take a photo even though you’re staring RIGHT INTO THE BELLY OF A CAMERA!

And the fact that I didn’t like you 5 years ago when you were vying for dum dum Emily (whom I also did not like) and she surprised dumped you and she was all like, “I don’t know! It’s so hard to choose between two sketchy weirdos but I think the other guy has rich parents and maybe even a real job” and you were all like, “yeah, no, totally cool. Don’t explain. I’ll be the Bachelor 4 3/4 years after everyone forgets about me. Later!”

But I wish she picked you and you lived happily ever after so we weren’t stuck looking at your hair and hearing about how you’re a race car driver (like that’s a THING!) for the next 16 weeks.

Also, Ryder from the Paw Patrol called and wants his hair style back!

Ryder also is known to hang out with a bunch of bitches. Well, okay, one– Skye. And sometimes Everest.

Look, Ari! He too is a race car driver! Maybe we’ll see him as the Bachelor in 2037!

Vrrooooom vrrooooom! When I grow up I’m going to find at least one of my future wives on TV too!

Also, I’m kind of bitter just like the rest of Bachelor Nation.

Why? Why?


Did you not watch the last season of The Bachelorette?! Everyone worth their spray tan, gel manicures, and sew-in hair extensions (and hello! That is ALL OF US!) know Peter should have been the next Bachelor! I mean come on! A nice mid-west boy, sweet family, can hang with a baby on a kitchen floor, and might be the most beautiful man in the world NEXT TO MY HUSBAND OF COURSE!

Am I right?

But seriously, did we all not love Peter? Like love him so much we kind of wanted to yell BACK OFF, HO every time Rachel pulled him aside for a little one on one time?

I said, AM I RIGHT?

And sure, maybe Mike Fleiss and every producer who has ever manipulated a grown-ass adult into crying in the back of a limo hated the fact that darling Peter couldn’t, wouldn’t propose to a woman he met SIX WEEKS AGO because, “this shit is cray!” (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically what he said) even though he really liked her and was totally willing to, you know, date her in the real world and see if they could fall in love without the Northern Lights and helicopters and maintaining a steady buzz for 63 days straight.

But God dammit, Rachel. You were NOT leaving this show without a proposal. This was not a reality show so much as a game show. You would take home the prize and maybe a fancy Bosch dishwasher and trip to Sedona. You were getting your ring! One that promised marriage! And babies! And would make your father come out of hiding and show his sad, embarrassed face on national TV! So you went with the sure thing– the creepy, hairy Miami dude even though your family was skeeved out by him and HE DID NOT GET ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR WITH A BABY!


Bryan’s all like, “Uhhhhhh I love you so much! I’ve loved you in all my past lives! I’m gonna propose to you as soon as I get out of the limo!” Rachel, you cried your fake eyelashes right off your face when Peter said he wasn’t 100% sure he could propose the NEXT DAY! I didn’t even know that was possible, but there they were right on the floor of his hotel room like caterpillars murdered by mascara. Clearly you were into the guy! Like waaaaaaaay in!  But whatevs. That’s cool. 13 minutes later you’re on a mountaintop saying yes to Miami Lice when he got down on one knee with a tacky Neil Lane sparkler. Even Neil Lane was all like “Whoa! This guy? Not the super hot trainer dude?”

So yeah, even though we all wanted Peter (but secretly not really because it’s just better for all of us if the guy stays single) you cannot call bullshit on a show’s entire premise and get to be the next star of said bullshitty show. That’s showbiz!


Yeah, okay, this might be too much even for me, but ratings! Hello, ABC!

Okay, fine! I’ll watch this season, but only because I have friends who watch it too and I don’t want to let them down. Also FOMO. But I’m not dedicating my life, my life, to recapping the season.

Unless I feel like it.

But that’s unlikely.

But it could happen.

You never know.

Bah ha ha ha! I ALWAYS watch reality TV! That’s funny, Sean. Enjoyed your season, btw!

Shelly Mazzanoble

2 Replies to “Breaking up with The Bachelor (NOT REALLY, JUST SORT OF KIDDING! STAND DOWN!)”

  1. Trying to be a Fanzzanoble (did you see what I did there?), I did my best to watch as many Hallmark Christmas movies as I could with limited pointing out of plot/logic holes. And yes, I did get a little weepy at the end of most.
    In one of the last movies we watched, there was an ad for the new Bachelor. Oh good, Shelly should be amping up for the new season…until I read this. Now I’m not sure if I should pretend to not watch The Bach while cleaning up from dinner, or just go ahead and not watch.
    Then I saw Raven helping one of the new contestants pick out what to wear for her big unveiling to Bachelor Nation, and well, looks like I’ll be watching, while pretending not to watch. But I’m going to need your blogging if I’m going to make it all the way. Please help.

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