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You know, before my days will filled with ancient ruins and red sand beaches. Oh dear god, I miss it already. Sure, sure it’s nice to be snuggled up in my own featherbed, and choosing between four different types of soaps and seven kinds of exfoilators but still. I miss lavish hotel breakfast buffets that look like they’re straight out King Midas’s dining room. Hello, we’re talking stuffed grape leaves, croissants as big as footballs, bowls overflowing with figs, dates and apricots, fresh Greek yogurt and pastries. I’m sure this morning’s soy sausage patty and bagel thin will be just as delightful. Really. It will.

Thank you all for not breaking into my condo while I was gone and stealing my best friend, DVR or my cat (in that order.) Weird thing is the cat, Zelda, is being oddly nice to me. Like following me from room to room, sleeping on my head, sitting right next to me and not trying to steal my dinner while we watched approximately 18 hours of my DVR’ed television. Pure. Sweet. Bliss.

While we were gone, B and I wrote down the day’s highlights (and not highlights, which thankfully we’re grossly outnumbered by the highlights) over our delicious dinners and I plan to recap the highlights of the highlights with you all. Oh boy! Lucky you! Is there anything worse than having to look at someone’s vacation pictures? Yes, there is. Having to read their blog that goes along with the pictures. I rode a donkey. Now are you excited?

Oh, and I took pictures of every meal I ate. Now are you excited?

Shelly Mazzanoble

3 Replies to “I’m Back! (Now can anyone tell me what I’m doing here?)”

  1. I’m excited for your vacation recap! Hopefully I speak for more than just myself too. 🙂

  2. Heheh. Sounds like Zelda was thinking you’d gotten tired of all the clawings and attitude and had abandoned her forever. Now she’s sticking close, so you can’t slip away again. And she’s promising to be a good girl forever and ever and ever. Or at least a couple days.

  3. Jonathan, I’d like to believe that but this is Zelda we’re talking about! I’m sure she has a much more devious plot swirling in her little cat head. And DID get clawed last night. Several times. See? She can’t even go a few days.

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