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For those of you are afraid of going into chat rooms alone (like me) then I forgive you for missing my Live Chat on the Wizards Community yesterday. I won’t tell you how much fun it was or that we had cake and minstrels and magic tricks and everyone went home with a koala bear. And a penguin. I don’t want you to feel bad, okay? What I will tell you is that you can now read the transcript of the chat right here.

We stripped out all mentions of koalas and minstrels because again… didn’t want you to feel bad. Maybe next time you’ll show up. Just saying…

Shelly Mazzanoble

4 Replies to “Less Chat, More Read”

  1. *sniffs* It was just so scary. My fingers cursor hovered over the button but I couldn’t click. I just. couldn’t. click!

    Seriously though thanks for linking the transcript. I wanted to go but work has been killer. *goes to look for penguins*

  2. Dear Shelly,

    I so wanted to be there! I tried to log on and it wouldn’t work! ARRRG!! I was sitting in Primary Children’s hospital with nothing else to do and I tried NUMEROUS ways to get in, but the chat wouldn’t work. Any chance you’ll be doing that again?

  3. Hi Teach,
    Yeah, we’ll probably do it again. No promises that there will be unicorns though.

    I hope everything is okay. I’m assuming you don’t just hang out in hospitals for fun.

  4. My third child was born on October 30th at 9:51 (dammit, we almost had a Halloween baby!) He has a very serious heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Long and short, takes three surgeries to fix so that the “right” side of his heart does all the work. Life has been hellacious for the last two weeks, but baby is doing very well, and we can likely bring him home in another two weeks. yes, it sucks, but when you look around at SO many kids worse off than my boy in Primary Children’s, you can’t help but be grateful. Lots of support from friends and family, and wifey is doing well too. Thanks for asking 🙂 Sorry for dishing about it on your blog. It’s tacky. This is your creative space. I shouldn’t have even mentioned the hospital in my post, but I was so frustrated! There I was with nothing to do but sit and wait, and I couldn’t even distract myself with a Shelly Mazzanoble live chat!

    Perhaps the Player-in-Chief will now answer my rant about the witch class from the previous post since I missed the chat? Or is the witch issue to sensitive for R&D to bring up ever again?

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