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Holy cats! There’s all sorts of things I need to update you about. I should warn you– they’re mostly about me so if that doesn’t interest you than…well…  you’re kind of at the wrong place.

Here’s an interview I did with The Married Gamers.

And there’s this book review from 2 GMs, 1 Mic. I totally agree with this statement:

Sometimes it does seem that her writing rambles along or goes too long to make a point. I did find myself lost a couple of times in the middle of a three sentence paragraph because the topic had shifted drastically and I was lost.

Yes, dear reader, I feel your pain. It feels that way to me too sometimes.  It’s also very common in face to face conversations. Now let’s take a moment and pour one out for my poor editors and copy editors.

Judy really wants me to share this review from Roleplayers Chronicle with you because she gets a pretty good review too. She’s often woefully misunderstood and blames me for that. Tell me, if someone says a whole bunch of stuff and someone else goes and writes that stuff down, and the person who said all that stuff kind of comes across as overbearing, meddlesome, and pushy, who’s fault is it? The sayer or the writer?

And you probably already heard the news about D&D, right? If not, here’s a couple of articles to get you caught up:

Are you guys excited about this? Do you care? Do you need to talk? I’m here for you. Personally I’m very excited. Wizards has never involved the community to such an extent and I can’t wait to see how that shapes the future of D&D.

Someone on Facebook just pointed out that whenever I publish a new book, a new edition is announced. Hmm… We’re two for two. I might have to publish another book just to see what happens.


Shelly Mazzanoble

5 Replies to “Where Did All This News Come From?”

  1. I am cautiously excited about the D&D announcement. It seems a natural evolution to offer community testing now that D&D Encounters and D&D Insider exists but like the articles are saying, it could very easily backfire. Also the latest Penny Arcade comic makes a good point, if in an exaggerated way.

    That being said I’ll try and participate.

  2. Hi Shelly! We really enjoyed the book over here at the podcast! All three gamers in the crew read it, and I think you had a lot of food for thought in your work. Keep it up!

  3. Well, in regards to the comment from 2 GMs 1 Mic, I kinda like that style. I also notice they didn’t say it was a bad thing.

    New DnD, well I’m frustrated that I went all in on 4E after not playing since the early 80s. And now that I’ve moved to Taos, I don’t think I’ll be involved in much of the play testing. But I am excited. If the simpler mechanics of 4e can be combined with the imagination required of ADnD and avoiding the combat bog downs of 4e, then we would have a winner.

    Oh, what am I saying, I’m sure I’ll buy everything that says 5e on it.

  4. OMG! You’re here! I’m all star-struck now! I really appreciate your review– and totally agree. For real. I’m about to get all meandering and long winded on you now. You’ve been warned.

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