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Seattle is plagued by some wacky weather. We’ve been brought down by wind, rain and our biggest nemesis of all– Snow.

Even though I’m from upstate NY and spent four years of college getting intimately familiar with “Lake Effect Snow” in Ithaca, NY, I hate experiencing snow in Seattle. It’s a whole different beast. If you’re familiar with D&D, think Gamma World. Abandoned cars littering the highways, people scavenging the shelves of Safeway in search of the last jar of Hearts of Palm and tapenade (they’re still foodies, after all.) Newscasters in their bright orange parkas camped out on Queen Anne Hill, interviewing the sad residents who are trapped in their million dollar homes until the Snowpocalypse blows over. It’s ugly times, People. Even Amazon Fresh won’t come out in this weather.

I thought you’d like to see what a snow storm looks like in Seattle. I’m pretty sure schools are already closed tomorrow.

I hope Sadie can pull a sled.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to organize my canned goods by protein content.

Shelly Mazzanoble

2 Replies to “SN-OMG!”

  1. I’ve had little or no trouble driving in Western WA snow–during the wee hours of the morning–before the normal commuting hours. During normal traffic hours, your Gamma World reference is very appropriate.

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