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Hey look! I’m internet famous. I’m like one degree away from that cat playing piano and Donald Trump insulting an entire country.

Chillin' in the window, drinking some wine. It's funny, okay?
Here we are candidly sitting in the window, drinking some wine. It’s funny, okay?

This photo is from the West Seattle Blog and if you live in West Seattle, you know how cool that is. The West Seattle Blog is pretty much the New Yorker to us residents.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and Casey and I were kicking back at a new Italian deli in our ‘hood. We saw a guy with a camera and notepad lurk about on the sidewalk and I immediately knew he was from the blog. Sure enough he asked us what we thought of this place and after a couple bottles of wine on a sunny day we had a lot to say. We then asked him if he wanted to take our picture.

“Umm, no, that’s okay.”

“You can,” we said.

“We don’t usually include photos with our articles.”

“Well, maybe you want to this time?”

I mean, it’s one thing to be quoted in the West Seattle Blog and completely another to have your photo in there. So yeah, we might have bullied him into taking our picture. So what?

The nice man acquiesced and then we insisted on looking at the pictures we encouraged him to take and deleting the ones we didn’t like. He was a really nice guy.

So here we are. Internet famous. And so very proud. My friend could be a hair model, no?

If you want to read the whole article, find it here. Thankfully he didn’t quote me and double thankfully he didn’t capture us on video.


Shelly Mazzanoble

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